Welcome to West Linn’s Play All Daycare & Preschool, a Registered Family Child Care, licensed by the state of Oregon and owned/directed by Jill Foo RN, a Mother of three children, who for the past 10 years has been a Registered Nurse at Stanford Hospital working in Maternal/Child Health, after teaching for 10 years as a certified preschool teacher with a rich background in Early Childhood Education.

Prepared for Kindergarten ~ Eager for Life Long Learning

  As a caregiver of young children it is my pleasure to not only care for children’s physiological needs but to also prepare them for pre-K and kindergarten. Young learners do best when the beginning stages of development are honored and supported first.  Aside from offering activies that exercise language, cognition, gross and fine motor skills, I pay special attention to their  develop in areas such as; social/emotional awareness, problem solving/critical thinking and basic self help skills (potty training/wiping their nose and independently washing their hands). These are the necessary skill sets that make very young Pre-K and Kindergarten children quick learners by being classroom ready before the first day of school. It is my goal, that each child will begin to associate learning with joy and that our little classroom will be a relaxed place where they are given love, understanding and feel secure to detach and discover all the world has to offer without feeling rushed and always feeling safe.

Program Philosophy

Children are offered developmentally appropriate activities that challenge them to develop their cognition, gross/fine motor skills and social/emotional awareness. The environment is made up of components of Reggio Emilia, Montessori and RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) philosophies while standing firm in Play Based Learning, which all three philosophies foster.

Free to play ~ Free to learn

Children enrolled at The Play All Daycare are free to choose which organized, planned and prepared learning opportunities they will utilize to maximize their learning experiences (which just feels like ands looks like play).  Teacher prepared and child-led exploration, access to interesting environments, lots of conversation with adults who listen and secure relationships with caregivers fosters not only direct on the spot academic  learning but also prepares children for cooperative learning which is expected in Kindergarten.

Potty Trained, or not (yet).

It is so much fun to learn alongside friends! Is your child ready for preschool, yet not quite potty trained? A smaller group size and attentive guidance are given to both toddlers and preschoolers who are in the sensitive yet empowering stage of potty training. Please refer to my Handbook2017 to see if my philosophy and style would suit your child’s needs in becoming more autonomous in the restroom!

Respect, Understanding and Admiration for Children…

I regard children with respectful admiration by treating them as individual little people. I recognize and honor the big important job they have; of learning… everything…constantly! I admire the brave bravado of a toddler and delight in the newness and curiosity of an infant. Preschool children know what they like and I love to help them find fun ways to realize how amazingly intelligent they really are. I have patience with children of all ages not because I’m patient but because I get it. I understand their individual needs related to their personality, temperament and development/age/stage. I’m happy to meet them in every moment that they find themselves, especially where they have found they are  scared, frustrated or sad as they just keep trying to make things alright. Children are given love and respect under all conditions and circumstances. Discipline policy supports emotional intelligence and autonomous  problem solving rather than control and adult authority.

Ratio and Staff

My program functions best with five or less enrollments at one time (with no more than two children under 24 months of age). State licensing permits one caregiver to a total of 10 children (my own three school aged children are included in that total of 10).  I prefer to keep my numbers small to get to know, enjoy and attend better to each child/family’s needs. Supporting emotional growth and social intelligence in toddlers and younger preschoolers takes close relationships between both adults and amongst children. Being a small facility I am the children’s primary caregiver though I am currently seeking an assistant caregiver to help out on a part time basis. I may also employ a professional housekeeper, who would fulfill the task of deep cleaning our play space on a regular basis, off hours.

I understand how difficult it is to choose which environment/caregiver/daycare/nanny or preschool is right for your family. It is my intention to ensure that your child feels absolutely magical about coming here to learn, play, share friendships and to get individualized physical and emotional care. I take pride in creating a safe and clean environment that is outfitted with child sized furnishings. Chairs, tables and a children’s hand washing sink right in the classroom foster independence in even the littlest child.

Schedule a tour?

I like to meet parents either on a Saturday morning or a
weekday evening when we can discuss the program. After
the first meeting I invite parents to come for a follow up visit for the purpose of
observation only. During this second visit parents can get a feel for how the
children enjoy the program and see my interactions with them. You are more than
welcome to bring your child to both meetings. Click over to the contacts page and let me know which Saturday morning or weekday evening works for you.

*When you do come for a visit please maintain your driving speed to 5 miles per hour as our street is full of neighborhood children who play and ride bikes all day especially around the loop in the road where our home is located. We’re on a small street which you are welcome to park along side as long as your not blocking any driveways.

Thank you again for your interest in Play All Daycare & Preschool.